Operations Manager 4.5

Maximize efficiency while assuring application performance -- the smartest way to control your virtual environment.

  • One-click resolution of performance bottlenecks 
  • Automatic placement, rightsizing, and capacity decisions 
  • Fastest time to value on the market:
    Deploy in 15 Minutes
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Optimize your environment today

  • The VMTurbo Storage Control Module automatically maps end-to-end relationships from Virtual Machines to the underlying storage – Volumes, Aggregates, physical disks and filer heads / controllers.
  • VMTurbo’s decision engine minimizes storage latency via resource allocation decisions that consider the impact of CPU intensive operations on filers such as de-duplication, compression and scrubbing.
  • VMTurbo optimizes efficiency of the hypervisor and underlying storage infrastructure, through a broad set of resource allocation decisions including intelligent workload placement and sizing of volumes, aggregates and fliers.

Storage Control Module

  • The VMTurbo Fabric Control Module assures performance of workloads ensuring that provisioned compute and network resources, throughout the system, are aligned with workload demand.
  • VMTurbo optimizes ongoing investment in Fabric Interconnect ports, and minimizes port licensing costs by rightsizing required ports based on workload demand.
  • VMTurbo accurately maps the end-to-end relationships, capacity and utilization including virtual workloads, chassis, domains, blade servers, IO modules and fabric interconnects, providing complete visibility into fabric compute and bandwidth demands.

Fabric Control Module

  • Instead of collecting thousands of data points, alerting when anomalies occur, and requiring administrators to drill through data to determine what to do, VMTurbo focuses on continuously maintaining the data center in a healthy state.
  • IT operators are freed from the reactive, firefighting mode that encompasses most organizations; architects and planners are able to effectively plan for new virtual applications, additional users, and hardware upgrades.
  • VMTurbo gives you the specific placement, rightsizing, and capacity decisions needed to converge your virtual infrastructure to a healthy state.

Get Answers, Not Metrics

  • New Dashboard designed to unify a diverse set of infrastructure elements and technologies under a single topology for IT Operations.
  • Define, Drive, and Control each relationship on a macro-scale to bring the entire environment into an optimal state.
  • Because the software is built through an abstraction model that is purpose-built to drive and control the macro-level health across these relationships, every action suggested at each level of view understands the impact and outcome across each other entity.

New Supply-Chain View

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